saffron price

Saffron price

 saffron price in the world can be a function of various factors. These factors can include the type of saffron, the saffron packaging, the country from which you buy the saffron, the amount of product obtained in each crop year, the amount of global demand, etc. In this article, we want to acquaint you with the factors that affect the saffron cost.

saffron price

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Saffron price per gram:

The question of many in the world is, how much is the saffron price per gram? Or if we buy in kilograms, how much is the saffron price per kilogram?

Well, this can be related to many factors in general, and we mentioned some of these factors above. Now we have tried to show you the average saffron price in grams, pounds, ounces, and kilograms in different countries in the following charts. Of course, we must note that  the saffron price fluctuates like any other commodity and is not always the same. you can CONTACT us for checking latest IRANIAN saffron price.

saffron price per gram

saffron price per gram


saffron price per gram


Saffron Price and type of saffron:

The type of saffron can have a great effect on the saffron price. Super Negin Saffron, Negin, Sargol, Pushal, and Daste (dokhtar pich) are all names of saffron models, but due to the coloring power and appearance of saffron, these models are different, here is a complete explanation about the differences between saffron types.

saffron type

The effect saffron model on saffron price

The price of Super Negin saffron is higher than other models. This is due to the high coloring power and coarse appearance. The difference between the price of Super Negin saffron as the best model and Daste saffron as ordinary saffron can even be doubled.

Also, the price of other types of saffron is usually between the price of Super Negin saffron and Daste saffron.

Packing and saffron price:

From the point of view of each company, the relationship between the saffron price and its packing is different. That is, the more stylish, beautiful, and durable the packing, the higher the saffron price. But in general, the more saffron is divided into smaller packages and the better the quality of the packing model, the higher its price. In our opinion, this division is into two modes: under 100 grams and above 100 grams.

Packing under 100 grams:

One of the most common packages under 100 grams is 1 gram packing saffron, followed by weights of 2 grams, 5 , 10 , 20 , and 50 grams. Also, weights of 0.5 grams and 3 grams are more limited in the Iranian market.

Packing above 100 grams:

Packing above 100 grams is usually used for commercial purposes. For weight above 100 grams, the best option is metal khatam cans that Top Gem saffron uses this model of containers to carry saffron. Metal khatam cans have high strength and are rarely damaged during transportation.

But what is the effect of the type of packing on the saffron cost?

For example, 1 gram saffron at the one-gram pack, become 5 dollars per gram, and 100 gram saffron at the 100-gram pack, become 2 dollars per gram. It can have a difference of about 250%. Of course, this was just an example to make you more familiar with the effect of packing size on the saffron price.

Also, it should not be forgotten that the number of orders can have a great impact on the saffron cost. For example, ordering 100 one-gram packages is very different from 1000 one-gram packages in terms of price. You can contact us for advice on this issue.

saffron package

Saffron price in different countries of the world:

One of the factors that have a great impact on the saffron price is which country you buy saffron from, simply! The farther away from the country from which you cater saffron is from the main saffron producing countries, the more you have to pay for saffron and its possible to get less quality!

Well, you might ask yourself why?

This is because those who buy saffron from the main saffron-producing countries only sell this product for trade and this is clear that trade is not possible without profit. For example, they buy saffron from Iran, pay a lot of money for transportation, storage, marketing, possibly repacking, taxes, customs duties, etc.

As a result, the saffron price is more expensive for them and they have to sell it more expensive, or if they want to compete with the main producers of this product for the saffron price, they have to sell a low-quality gross product. So, it is better to buy saffron from the main saffron producing countries.

World saffron production:

Iran is in the first place with more than 95% of saffron production, followed by India, Morocco, Italy, Spain, Greece, etc. Iran has the lowest price and best quality among saffron producing countries.

For example, the saffron price in Italy is 25,000 euros per kilogram, which is almost 16 times the saffron price in Iran.

Well, you may be wondering what is the reason for this strange price difference? Is the quality of Iranian saffron lower?

It is very clear that this is not the case at all, and the main reason for this difference only goes back to the production costs of saffron between Iran and a country like Italy. As the saffron price in Iran is lower, the production costs of this product such as labor, irrigation, planting, holding and harvesting, etc. are lower.

World saffron production in 2017

  • IRAN

Saffron Wholesale price:

Maybe you would like to know what is the saffron wholesale price?

And is the saffron wholesale price different from the retail saffron price? So stay tuned.

Wholesale and retail prices of saffron are different and saffron is one of the goods whose wholesale and retail prices are different.

The difference between the saffron price wholesale and retail is usually large, if you buy saffron continuously, it is recommended that you buy your consumption for a year and keep it in a suitable place.

Do not worry, saffron has a long shelf life, if you keep saffron in a suitable place, you can use it for a long time.

Here you can get acquainted with the storage conditions of saffron.

The difference between the wholesale and retail prices of saffron can be between 100% to 300% per gram.

Of course, Top Gem saffron tries to minimize this difference so that customers who intend to buy less can also buy saffron hot with a smaller difference than the saffron wholesale price.

Is it possible to buy saffron at wholesale prices in all countries?

The answer to this question is No because saffron can be obtained mainly from the main countries producing saffron.

Iran, India, Spain, etc. are the main producers of saffron in the world.

For all those who are looking for the saffron wholesale price, it is necessary to know the key points of saffron trade, click here to know these points.

Saffron Wholesale price

saffron price per kilogram


saffron price per kilogram


Saffron prices and global supply and demand:

Without a doubt, supply and demand are one of the most important parameters on the saffron price, if you want to know what these parameters are, stay with us.

Saffron price and supply:

As mentioned earlier, most of the saffron in the world is supplied by Iran, Spain, Morocco, India, etc. Any change in the production situation of these countries can have a direct impact on the supply of saffron in the world, Iran with a 95% share in saffron production is one of the most important players in the global supply of saffron.

Fortunately, in recent years, saffron cultivation in Iran has increased, which has various reasons, one of the most important reasons that Iranian farmers are more inclined to cultivate saffron is the low need for water the saffron plant.

Due to the water shortages that have occurred in recent years in Iran, the cultivation of saffron is more possible than other agricultural products, which causes a proper supply of saffron and controls the saffron price in global markets.

Which province in Iran has the most saffron production?

Well, this is a question you are probably curious to know. The provinces of Khorasan Razavi, South Khorasan, North Khorasan are the largest producers of saffron in Iran, the area of these three provinces is almost the same size as Germany! That Saffron cultivation is very common in these provinces! And the city of Mashhad in Khorasan Razavi is the center of Iranian saffron so that almost 70% of Iranian saffron is exported to the whole world from these three provinces.

So, if we name the city of Mashhad as the saffron capital of the world, this naming is not without reason!

demand and supply

Saffron prices and global demand:

Fortunately, saffron is one of the commodities that the growth of supply in global markets has been commensurate with the growth of demand for this product. This balance has caused the relative stability of saffron prices in world markets, while it is no exaggeration to say that the demand for saffron can be much higher than now.

This is because many people in the world are not yet familiar enough with the unique properties of saffron, and there are many untouched markets in the world. Here we want to briefly review some of the reasons for the jump in demand for saffron in global markets.

Increasing the level of access of people around the world to the Internet and social networks:

In recent years, people around the world have increased access to the Internet, and this has had a direct impact on the marketing of saffron. We live in an age where the good and the bad of anything can spread quickly in the world, and saffron as a plant product, with a reasonable price and unique properties, is one of the best choices, which is due to the Internet and Social networks in the world are circulating rapidly.

Unique properties of saffron for the skin:

Many men and women care about the health of their skin and look for natural and organic products instead of using unnatural cosmetics to keep their skin healthy. Saffron as a suitable alternative to having healthy and clear skin can help you a lot, now the use of saffron masks is expanding in the world.

People around the world pay attention to organic and natural foods, Tea:

Always having a healthy diet has been a concern, saffron as a 100% natural food can have a large place in your diet.

You can consume saffron in different ways, some of which we want to mention.

Such as saffron ice cream, saffron dessert, saffron tea, saffron rice, saffron-flavored sweets, saffron chicken, saffron fish, saffron syrup, saffron bread, etc.

Pharmaceutical companies use saffron:

Pharmaceutical companies pay special attention to saffron, one of the common uses of pharmaceutical companies is its use in the production of antidepressants.

Pharmaceutical companies prefer to use saffron instead of using chemicals in the production of antidepressants because the use of saffron-derived drugs has no side effects and has a better effect.

saffron skin care
YouTube video
saffron and depression


In general, you can buy the best saffron quality and price from the countries that produce this product. The volume of your order, saffron model, type of packaging, number of packages, can have a great impact on the price of saffron.

Well, we have reached the end of this article. We hope you enjoyed reading this article.

saffron price per ounce


saffron price per ounce


saffron price per pound


saffron price per pound