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Pistachio is one of the most delicious and nutritious nuts in the world, which is rich in vitamin E. Few people are not interested in the taste of pistachio and many traders in the world want (They are interested) to buy pistachio.

Where can I buy pistachio?

Iran is one of the main hubs of pistachios production in the world. So that pistachios are produced in 27 provinces of Iran. In 2018, about 220,000 tons of pistachios have been produced in Iran, which is about 38% of the world’s total production. So if you are interested in buying pistachio, Iran is one of the best options, it should be added that the taste of Iranian pistachios is different from pistachios of other countries and therefore has many fans in the world, which is due to the unique climate and weather Iran to produce pistachio.

Where can I buy inexpensive pistachios?

There are different types of pistachios. If you want to try to buy inexpensive pistachios, you can use cheaper types of pistachios. Usually, the hazelnut pistachio are cheaper.

Should I buy organic pistachio?

Pistachios are available in the market in two types, organic and non-organic. But pistachios that are 100% organic and have a valid certificate are less available in the market than non-organic pistachios and have a higher price. It may be a little harder to supply organic pistachio at high volumes. You can buy organic or non-organic pistachios and this completely depends on the needs of your target market. In general, both organic and non-organic types have their fans in the world.

Is it possible to buy pistachio without skin?

Yes, Sure! It is quite possible that according to the customer’s purchase order, we can supply pistachio kernels for you in packages of different weights.

What are pistachio products?

Pistachio butter, pistachio oil, and pistachio halva.

Pistachio butter

It is a doughy product that is obtained from roasted and ground kernels with sugar or natural sweeteners such as honey and date nectar and can be used by all sections of society.

By buying pistachio butter, you can use it in various industries. Pistachio butter can be used as a cream between biscuits and wafers, cake and muffin marrow, ice cream designing, etc.

The organoleptic properties of pistachio butter depend on its formulation and production method. This product can be easily stored at room temperature and does not require a freezer.

Pistachio halva

Pistachio halva is a solid product with a uniform appearance that is obtained by mixing sugar syrup and ground pistachio kernels and other permitted additives with specific ingredients.

Pistachio product is an energetic substance and easily provides the calories needed by the body. Another Foodstuff that has a similar composition to pistachio is tahini halva which is prepared from sesame seeds and its production is done in Iran and other countries such as Turkey, Greece, Yugoslavia, and some Arabic countries.

Pistachio oil

It is an oil that is produced by mechanical pressure from the brain of this product. In general, Nuts kernels contain fatty acids and are very useful for the health of the body.

Buy wholesale pistachio

You can leave it to us of your orders in the field of pistachio supply in different types and weights, we try with a constant effort to supply Iranian quality pistachio from farmers who have been carefully evaluated by our team, and we will carry them to your destination as quickly as possible from Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States to Dubai, Hong Kong, and Australia. Try for pistachios order online now.


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