Where can I buy raisins?

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Raisin are a product obtained by drying grapes, which due to their properties and benefits, has many fans around the world so that this product has been able to put itself inside other nuts and become one of the nutritive foods in the world.

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Types of raisins

Raisins can be divided into four types:


As the name of this product indicates, to prepare this type of raisins, the grapes are spread directly on the clean ground without any grass under the sun and without adding any ingredients, and after a few days, by shining light sun dries the grapes and turns them brown. Many consumers in the world are interested to buy this type of raisin. If you want to buy raisin without doubt sun dried is one of the best choice.


Its grapes are seeded, long, elongated, and green. This raisin may be small, but it is a great snack for everyone, especially children and teenagers.

Eating this dried fruit provides the energy needed for daily activities. It is very useful for students, athletes, mountaineers, and middle-aged people. This product is one of the best-selling raisins and has many fans in the world.


These raisins are dried on a non-soil surface in direct sunlight. Raisins are relatively small and made from light, seedless grapes, and are very tasty.


It is made from seedless grapes that are amber yellow or light brown and dried with sulfur smoke. The properties of this raisin include strengthening and stability bones and teeth, reducing bad blood fats, eliminating toxins from the body, and providing energy.

What are the uses of raisins?

Raisins are used in various industries. Raisins can be used to make sauces, as well as raisins and raisin bread. Even raisin bran is used in various chocolate and confectionery industries.

Raisin mixture is used in the nuts industry. Also, raisin concentrate is widely used in the beverage and ice cream industries, Sale of raisin products is good in different countries

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