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Where Can I buy Saffron?

you can buy best Persian saffron in different weights, Like 1 gram saffron, 2grams, 5grams,10 grams and … 


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We honor to ship highest quality top gem saffron to all over the world, it is not only a business for us, it is a chance for us to prove this fact for all people around the world Iranian saffron is the best

TOP GEM saffron has been exported to many countries, we would like to share some of our clients comments about us with you. click here

Our saffron is first class

That our saffron is first class is not just a claim. We can prove this before you buy and in any way you like. It is an honor to mention that according to the international standard of ISO 3632, our saffron is first class. We can send you the result of the TOP GEM saffron analysis.

Easy payment

In each country, payment is made in different ways. All our efforts are to be able to have the utmost flexibility with you dear customer so that you can pay us in any way you are more comfortable. Payment by Swift, digital currencies, and PayPal, Perfect Money, Web Money, Western Union, etc. can be your method of choice.

Our saffron reaches you directly from the farm

Perhaps it can be said that if you buy Iranian saffron from an Iranian and Iran, by following the same sentence, you have traveled 50% of the way to achieve first-class saffron and for the next 50%, you need to get saffron from a reputable supplier. We are Settle in the center of Iranian saffron. Where more than 90% of the world’s saffron is grown and we are proud to supply your saffron.

Fast transport

We are trying to deliver TOP GEM saffron from Iranian farms to you as soon as possible. That’s why we use fast posts like (Aramex, DHL, FedEx, UPS) and Qatar flights,

Our belief

For us, customer satisfaction is the most valuable part of our business. This is our deep belief, we grow when that our customer grows. We would never have been able to continue without your satisfaction dear customer.

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TypeDimensionsGross Weight
Khatam 1 gram7cm*7cm*2cm25 Grams
Khatam 2 grams9cm*9cm*2cm42 Grams
Khatam 5 grams9cm*9cm*2cm42 Grams
Khatam 10 grams11cm*11cm*2cm66 Grams
Khatam 25 grams16cm*16cm*2cm123 Grams

12 reviews for Khatam Can

  1. Emma

    I have never seen such as this Iranian saffron! smell of this saffron is perfect.

  2. TOP GEM

    Your welcome 🙏

  3. Diana

    I have not tested Iranian Saffron
    it was good experience.

  4. Adrian

    Saffron, Shipping, Packing was great.

  5. Arthur

    What is difference between SUPER NEGIN and other types?

  6. Alice

    How much Saffron should I add to rice dish?

  7. TOP GEM

    It depends on your dish, add saffron to your dish is what ever you like , however you must not consume saffron more than 0.5 gram per day, less than 0.5 gram per day for one person is standard consumption.

  8. TOP GEM

    you can read perfect article about it in this link

  9. TOP GEM

    it is my pleasure

  10. TOP GEM


  11. dani

    I would like to order 1kg, How is it possible?

  12. ammar

    best saffron

  13. Helen

    Adds great flavor. Comes in perfectly portioned amounts.

  14. Nana

    I think that was more amount.

  15. Tamika

    The quality seems to be good.

  16. Rolee

    It seems to be authentic, passed most of the tests i.e. smell, taste, water infusion. However it looks more like broken pieces and dust, rather than whole saffron threads.

  17. Achille

    This is certainly the highest quality saffron I have ever tried and cooked with. Definitely recommend! Best quality in market 🙂

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