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More about saffron

Saffron’s flavour and iodoform or hay-like fragrance result from the chemicals picrocrocin and safranal. It also includes crocin, a carotenoid pigment, which imparts a rich golden-yellow tint to textiles and dishes.

iranian saffron


Saffron types:

What is even more interesting is that there are three main types of Persian/Iranian saffron spice, these three types are based on the trim of the saffron thread. The three different trims of  Iranian Saffron are:


this type of saffron contains 3 filaments which have connected from bottom, a bit stiel (yellow part) available in bottom.


this type is totally red, filaments are thinner than Negin type and because of this type is result of sorting Pushal, there are some broken filaments in this type.


all red, along thicker and longer filaments. in comparison to Sargol, Negin has more volume.

Super Negin:

the definition is same as Negin saffron, along this difference Super Negin is Negin grade 1

which one is better ??

All types are original saffron, difference is between method of sorting saffron threads, coloring power (crocin) between Negin and Sargol is same approximately, however Negin is more, if we want to ranking saffron types, Negin is the best, and sargol , pushal are in the next level respectively

saffron type
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