Saffron Tea

Saffron tea is a cup full of properties. Saffron is known as the most expensive plant in the world, which is called red gold; because it has unique benefits. In the following, we will get acquainted with some benefits of saffron tea.

saffron tea

Saffron Tea Recipe

Many recipes have been used to prepare saffron tea. The best way to make saffron tea is to pour saffron spice in a pounder and rub it well, and this action of grinding saffron will increase the aroma, taste, and color of saffron. Then some ground saffron can be poured alone or with black tea or cinnamon and ginger or various herbs of your choice in boiling water and put on indirect heat to brew (Between 8 and 10 minutes is enough time).

To brew saffron tea and to sweeten or improve the taste of saffron tea, it can be sweetened with lemon or honey, and for different decoration and taste, saffron tea can be accompanied by rose buds or healthy and unrubbed saffron strings.

saffron benefits

Health benefits of saffron tea

  • Relieve menstrual pain
  • Anti-cancer properties
  • Increase memory
  • Treatment of anemia
  • Reduce or control blood pressure
  • Depression treatment
  • Premenstrual syndrome
  • Type 2 diabetes

Anti-cancer benefits of saffron tea

Saffron spice contains carotenoids and according to scientific findings made by experts, carotenoids in this amazing spice can neutralize free radicals. The yellow color of saffron comes from the crocin in this spice; crocin can control human cancer cells and kill tumors.

Benefits of saffron tea and strengthen memory

Researchers have concluded that saffron has a significant ability to prevent memory losses and neurological disorders. You can experience a stronger memory by drinking saffron regularly.

Benefits of saffron tea and anemia

According to research, anemia is one of the most common diseases in women, and of course, many people consider taking iron pills to be effective for anemia. If you are looking for a natural and herbal treatment for anemia, using saffron can help increase your hemoglobin level.

With the correct consumption of saffron, you can see the growth of hemoglobin in the blood in less than two months and thus eliminate the effects of anemia.

milk saffron

Benefits of saffron tea on reducing or control blood pressure

Saffron  is very useful for reducing or controlling blood pressure because saffron strings have the structure of a combination of crocin and picocrocin that proper consumption and its amount can be very effective in controlling high blood pressure.

Benefits of saffron tea and depression treatment

Saffron is a very useful drug for treating depression and is as effective as some antidepressants. Regular consumption of saffron is very effective in preventing depression.

Benefits of saffron tea for the heart

Saffron can filter your blood, cholesterol in your blood can clog your arteries and this can cause your heart attack. If you drink saffron tea regularly you can lower your blood cholesterol and reduce the risk of heart attack effectively.

saffron tea recipe

Premenstrual syndrome PMC

Every woman in the world has experienced PMC at some point in her life. While this menstrual syndrome has been mild and rare for some people and others it can be a real and worrying nightmare, menstrual syndrome or PMC is caused by fluctuations of various hormones and can even occur due to lack of nutrients in the body.

What is the PMC?

It’s Premenstrual syndrome that has a physical and emotional symptom that occurs in the weeks before menstruation.

Emotional symptoms: Irritability – Violence – Boredom – Depression and changes such as mood.

Physical symptoms: Headache – Dizziness – Indigestion – Diarrhea – Stomachache

What is the role of saffron in PMC or menstrual syndrome?

Women between the ages of 25 and 40 have regular menstrual cycles and experience PMC symptoms several times or at least once a month.

Studies have shown that crocin, or the active ingredient in saffron or saffron tea, lowers cholesterol and triglycerides and is one of the oldest treatments for PMC. If a person with PMC is present in a space where the smell of saffron is significantly diffused, it can reduce menstrual irregularities.

About 35 mg of saffron per day is very suitable for regulating and reducing PMC or menstrual syndrome.

Side effects of saffron tea

The role of saffron tea in diabetes or type 2 blood sugar

Type 2 diabetes or blood sugar is a chronic and dangerous disease that is caused by being overweight and sedentary. Drugs used in type 2 diabetes or blood sugar and the inconclusive treatment of the disease have caused patients to turn their attention to herbs or traditional medicine.

There are four substances (mentioned earlier) such as crocin, flactoid, crocetin, and carotenoids in Saffron .

According to the latest studies, saffron helps to prevent the progression of diabetes complications.

Saffron tea and slimming properties

Slimming is important for people who are overweight or for people who care about looks and style. Weight loss is a difficult issue that by drinking and consuming saffron tea properly, a person feels full and forgets hunger and causes weight loss and decrease fat under the skin. Saffron tea bag or saffron is a natural and effective solution for the treatment of obesity or overweight.

How much the permissible amount of saffron tea consumption?

There are standards for consuming saffron tea such as daily, weekly, and monthly consumption. We always try to explain to you how much is good for you and how much it will hurt you.

The permissible consumption of saffron tea at each time according to the standard amount is said to include 10 to 15 saffron strings. Consumption of more than 10 to 15 strings at a time causes nausea and vomiting, so we should not overdo it.

How much saffron tea should I drink per day?

The normal and standard daily consumption of saffron tea is 0.1 grams of brewed saffron. But this is the general standard amount and even a person can consume more than 1 gram. It depends on your interest.

The standard monthly consumption of saffron tea

According to scientifically proven research, the permissible amount of saffron consumption for each person during a month has been 5 grams, and it has also been said above that this amount is a general and approximate standard, and we can adjust this moderation according to personal interest saffron .

How to make saffron tea with milk?

Side effects of saffron tea

Saffron tea is not a good option for pregnant women at all. Saffron tea consumption has an adverse effect on the uterus. It causes uterine contractions and can cause miscarriage or premature birth, especially in the first 3 months of pregnancy, the risk of saffron consumption is much higher.

How to have a pretty color and fragrant of saffron extract or saffron tea?

We always thought that we should brew saffron with the traditional method of hot water or boiled water to have more color. But with this method, we can’t benefit from all the effects of this precious red gold. The best way to coloring is to use ice. At first, like the method of brewing with hot water, we rub and powder the saffron strings, but instead of boiled water or hot water, we need a few pieces of ice. In this method, let the ice cubes slowly melt, this will increase the coloring and flavor of saffron. This method can replace the traditional hot water method and you get better results.

How to make saffron tea with milk?

Stir the milk, saffron, and some ground cardamom well and stir on a hot stove with an indirect flame until it boils, and when it boils, sweeten the hot drink as desired with sugar, candy, or honey, and pour into a glass and drink it.

Where can I buy saffron tea?

Maybe there is no shop near you to sell saffron tea, or companies such as Amazon, Tesco, Carrefour, Walmart, etc. are not active in your country or you are not satisfied with the high price of saffron tea in these companies. Don’t worry, we are here to help you.

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If you care about your health or you want to start a strong business, invest in saffron tea. With the unique benefits of saffron tea for the human body, it can be an attractive topic for people who care about their health. Unique taste along with countless benefits can be the best choice. At Top Gem Company, you can request organic saffron tea and experience a royal tea with us.

If you have consumed saffron tea, please share your experiences with us here.

How much the permissible amount of saffron tea consumption?

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